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May 06, 2021
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The struggle of the students throughout academics is real. I really appreciate the efforts and the commitment of the students. There are many tasks that students have to perform in their daily routine to maintain their GPA throughout the entire program. Academic writing activities are one of the most important tasks that help and worry the students at the same time. It helps them to secure good grades completing their tasks, and difficulty in understanding the various requirements of academic writing. The writing activities normally include the assignment, essay, and dissertation writing. Essay writing is one of the most important factors of giving the right understanding of the subject to the students. Students find it difficult to cope up with the difficulties in completing their assignments. Online essay writers can assist students to understand the context of professional writing and to grasp the basic concepts of the subject at the same time. · Assignment writing demands to have complete knowledge about the subject and the selected topic. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the topic, you cannot write an effective and quality assignment. This is one of the main and basic barriers that I have noticed among students. · I have noticed a strange culture of copy and paste among the students. This leads them to increase the plagiarism in the assignment. However, plagiarism in academic writing is not tolerated at all. Instructors can cancel your assignment based on plagiarism. It is one of the most basic issues that students have to deal with for every academic writing. · It is a perfect saying that “practice makes the man perfect”. It is not only for the writing skills but for all kind of activities. Students lack to perform writing in different ways. Students have to complete their all kind of tasks within a limited time frame. · Before doing anything, it is important to know the target or the destination of the work. It is essential to understand the entire objectives and aims of the task. You cannot complete your task if you don’t know what to do? And where to reach?. Similarly, it goes with the writing, if you don’t know what to write? And what exactly you need to achieve, you cannot write effectively. Setting the target helps you to keep your mind on track throughout the assignment writing process.
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