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John Clarke
Aug 10, 2021
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These are also called breast pads and a used as a breastfeeding accessory. They absorb any milk which is leaked during feeding or any other way. The antibodies are present of extreme importance to the baby. The absorbed and expected leakage that occurs in new moms are extremely hygienic. These are disposable and can be easily found in medical stores. Reusable pads made of cotton or similar cloth are also used inside the bra. Remember to change them frequently just like menstrual pads to avoid any growth of bacteria or infections in a moist environment. According to the Pad Nursing Assignment help, always use clean hands to remove the packaging and also clean the area before applying. It is advised to place it adhesively towards the bra and change it whenever you feel wet. Some creams to prevent dryness over the area are easily available which can also be used once or twice a day.

John Clarke

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